also... where do i get me one of those tiny screens?

Hey theskyis256k, Thanks a lot for your help with testing!

You can buy small LCD screens from Dealextreme ( :]

These demo songs were awesome. Not really familiar with making music using a grid, but I can see the appeal after this. I wish I knew more about what the heck this was. For a Genesis freak, I don't know a lot about the DIY scene for it. This all looks like magic to me. In the plainest of terms, what am I actually seeing here?

Thanks! At this stage it's a performance tool allowing hardware controlled playback of vgm files from Deflemask tracker. It lets you turn channels (i.e instruments) on and off and select different looped sections of a track and also select which track to play. We are now working to add MIDI support and turn it into a full fledged controllable synthesizer, ultimately. The first version of the software will soon be released!

Hi all, xspheric and I are still working on VGX Live - software features are being added and playback timing made more stable. I'm working on a nice version of the hardware interface, too!

A big thank you to all the beta testers who've been involved, testing the software for us and giving us feedback - it's very much appreciated! heart

See the OP for a video example of using VGX Live as part of a real performance. :]

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If you're still looking for Launchpad testers, sign me up. Just need to get the arduino bits smile

el-bee! I love your work! The music for Aesterozoa is still one of my favourite pieces of softsynth demo music.

Anyway, very happy you're interested in testing with a Launchpad. PM me once you have the other hardware and I'll send you some info on how to hook it up. Thanks!