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I find it really funny how you all go on like your experts on the subject but when you write examples they are total nonsense. (with the exception of fearofdark, who was right about the B harmonic minor mistake...yes it has an A#, not an A. Melodic minor is very interesting).


Lol, that was nice. peace

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Lake Titicaca

I think its good in a way...if someone new comes to read the thread they will find a lot of nice scales and arps.

I guess what I was saying about most of the chiptune i hear these days is just that there is so much 047 and not enough more interesting ones like 048 (aug), 057 (sus4), 036 (dim) etc.

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most of the chiptune i hear these days is just that there is so much 047 and not enough more interesting ones like J47

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Sure, all joking aside I'm glad that this thread has avoided the Graveyard for as long as it has. It's a nicely concentrated theory lesson. Nothing wrong with a little spirited debate. (The attacks ad hominem would probably be better left unremarked though.)

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hello i don't belong here but i would like to say that this was a perfectly decent thread and suggest that anyone who would like to continue the music theory argument take it outside.

anyway my favorite chipmusic/module albums (screw individual tracks) would be:

zan-zan-zawa-veia - mokè mokè
ilkae - stained glass piñata+
aanaaanaaanaaana - pinecone crashmat

and some of this junk
and some of this junk … r/Favorite

that's hundreds of tracks in total but it's hard to pick a single Thing when there's so much music out there that is good in different ways

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posted in wrong thread dammit

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Hah! This prissy chip "musician" obviously needs to go back to note school. lol ...! Forty-seven. Thirty seven! I bet you get all sensitive about this (typical!) but I respect the tonic sub-dominant and maybe, if you knew what you were talking about...



Never seen aana this angry before.


Personally I recently discovered PeeR's six dances EP, and I have to say that it's damn gold in chiptune! His musical phrases are all skillfully constructed and each commands seems to be wisely explored. 2xlsdj can work great to make intense game boy chiptune. So impressed!

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I can't link them all, so I'll just link this playlist I made, instead. I hope this thread is still relevant.

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Nice thread! Btw, here's my personal favorite:
1. YMCK - Magical 8bit Tour
2. Disasterpeace - Death Satellite Evasion
3. Remedmatika - Roh Hutan
4. Shitbird - Moustache Ride
5. Zabutom - Leningrad Vodka Rush
6. Tempest - Acidjazzed Evening
7. Tonythai - Cough Syrup Overdosed
8. Virt - Singularity
9. Naruto - Artificial Intelligence Bomb
10. J. Arthur Keenes Band - Catfish Lagoon

I miss 8bc btw sad

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spacetownsavior wrote:

gonna bring this back to the OP:

the entire starscream catalogue
that 12insomnia mixtape (guilty pleasure)
j. arthur keenes band - the bus that couldn't slow down
condom - live in nyc
and honestly probably everything cymba's ever going to make

12insomnia! I miss this guy playing chiptunes again!
Met him few months ago in his office & it looks like he's into EDM rather than chipmusic now.
And he said one of the reason he's not making chipmusic again is because he losts his every LSDJ sav files too.. sad