Have you considered 2XLSDJ with a DMG and a GBC? That way you get access to DMG sound quality as well as GBC processor power.

XyNo wrote:

You can add the Supergameboy CPU in a good old DMG ! I think it is the best solution for what you need !
You can do it because this guy did it and some other modders did it too !!!

Nice, but all it does is boot faster because it doesn't have the boot logo animation. It does nothing to improve playback of CPU heavy songs.

Hey nitro, does the SGB CPU still do the logo check?

In all seriousness, in response to the thread title:

It seems like what you need is a redesigned circuit for the CGB. Boosted bass, higher order noise filtering, connector for a standardized rechargeable battery with more mAh than two Duracells.

I have actually been toying with the idea of a new audio-oriented handheld for years. What holds me back though is the availability of the processors, PSGs and programmers. It would be damn simple to map out an address range for several SIDs and YMs for an MC68k but where you gonna buy that shit? NOS at a premium, thats where. This of course doesn't help you out at all. :PP

chunter wrote:

If you want to desolder all of the components of a game boy to resolder it into the form factor you prefer, more power to you.

Been there, done that; I am a masochist at heart. heart

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lmao just quit writing chip music

There is that too. Too many devices are capable of mimicking the interface and sounds a GB is equipped with that its counter intuitive not to use one of them. I listen to the shit for nostalgic purposes alone. Give me a pen and paper and I'll draw you up a vastly more complex variable filter and logarithmic adsr envelope for a highly accurate, true-analog, voltage controlled pulse wave, triangle wave or white noise source.

"... how f*cking fun should this be? How f*cking fun can it be? Can it be real in any sense?" - Father John Misty

But seriously what I personally do is run LSDJ on an emulator so I can have a large well lit screen and a comfortable controller while composing new stuff.

Then I just transferred the save file to a cartridge and run it on a DMG for recording.

If the DMG can't handle processing complex stuff I just separate what the DMG can handle from what it can't.

Then I run the parts the DMG can't handle on a GBcolor. If the GBcolor stuff sounds bad I try to fix it up with filters, eq, and whatnot when I mix the song together on a computer.

If I still think it sounds bad I'll try running it on an emulator or dumb it down so it can be run on a DMG.

My ears actually hear very little difference between a GBcolor and a good emulator. An emulator might actually sound a little better depending on your setup.

By dumbing it down I mean strip the composition down so only a very small piece of the composition plays with minimal nonsense added to it. So instead of getting a bunch of bleeps and bloops you just get a single bleep or whatever noise you want to capture.

Then record that noise and use that recording like you would any other sample in your recording software and add it back into the rest of your composition.

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I swear, uncommon time signatures are to rock as "my DMG can't handle my LSDJ" is to chipmusic.

GBC with noise filtering and bass mod.

I'm surprised the editor can literally run out of rastertime though, what sort of effects are causing that?

4mat wrote:

I'm surprised the editor can literally run out of rastertime though, what sort of effects are causing that?

In LSDj, tempo is governed by the timer interrupt. In addition There are 5 raster interrupts per screen refresh that are used for sample buffer refresh and HF vibrato/pitch slide. Because the timer interrupt is not synchronous to the frame rate, it can happen at any time, even during VBlank. Johan made the decision to make the UI run in the main thread and use a counter to communicate that a VBL interrupt had happened. The interrupt does almost nothing more than increment the counter, and the mainloop decrements the counter every time it has processed one UI frame. This means that when the program is out of CPU power, the UI will suffer first.

Ands that's why LSDJ rules the live world big_smile

or there isn't anything else.

Kinda what I meant.

katsumbhong wrote:

GBC with noise filtering and bass mod.

No backlight tho.

herr_prof wrote:

Ands that's why LSDJ rules the live world big_smile

You mean Houston Tracker II?