Praha, Czech republic

Can definitely vouch for Xaimus!
I'm actually doing a DJ set tomorrow and I'll be playing oatapult as a part of it!

Joliette, QC, Canada

...and nobody said Zabutom...

Wiklund did some neat 2A03 stuff too !


Tadpole is hands down the best NES composer. He's blown everyone out of the water for years. I had the amazing opportunity to work with him on Diad (

Unfortunately his website is now offline. You can find some of his stuff here:

My fav of none Diad of his is his song with RJ1 named Identity.

An other great classic is SLiVeR. He was essentially my mentor when I first started out. Unfortunately his website is also offline.

You can listen to some of his stuff here:

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Salt Lake City, UT

FearofDark has some amazing .nsf songs...

Kiel, Germany

Was Norrin Radd mentioned yet? If not, then yeah, motherfucking Norrin Radd

Rhode Island

8-BITchin'tendo has some great classic sounding nes tunes