experimental not ambient:

Domu wrote:
TetrisEffect wrote:

Abstract minimal glitch spat out by an amiga.

is this Jellicas brother / Josstintimberlake?

Any info as to how the tracks were created? Guessing its generative / procedurally generated, maybe using that crazy Amiga markup language which i forget the name of?

yes, it is my brother. probably octamed. this may be improvised?


kittenrock released this neat chillout comp in 2009: …

(btw @jellica, you should put out a vol. 22 it was great fun)

no yes maybe. i mean is anyone actually interested in this sort of thing any more? idk sad


oh, and as for experimental stuff, most of what i did as environmental sound collapse was experimental in one way or another

São Paulo, Brazil
Jellica wrote:

no yes maybe. i mean is anyone actually interested in this sort of thing any more? idk sad

quoting some reviews from the album for you:

"This compliation was more than I had bargained for and my husband, who has been to Ibiza many times, says that this is a brilliant CD and exactly what to expect there. After that, I bought three more Style CDs."

"This cd is unlike any other chill lounge cd's out there the songs have a sort of dreamy voyagey trance sound to them very soothing."

"I love this tracks from the balearic islands where chillout music originates from. If you have ever been there you will love this kind of music even more."

"I'm a chill out music listener, so what is not to like about this music and CD?"

"I'm looking forward to adding this to my Chillout playlists that are many hours long,"

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Forge World Patagonicus

I'll be releasing a split EP with a pal, while his chiptunes err more on the traditional side I draw inspiration from Earth, Sunn O and Wardruna. I guess I'll be posting it once its done, sometime this month,