veclock wrote:

Yeah, not sure about what word to use. It depends, right? The software should handle the finger pushes and output MIDI-signals. Then the software should be plugged into FL studio or any other software which can take the MIDI signals and turn them into sound. Alternatively, my software could generate the sound itself and not output any signals to a second program.

I'd prefer to output signals because generating my own sounds (building a synthesizer) will take a long time.
From what I understand, a VST is a software that plugs into another software, that you can connect to other controllers?

But yeah, what I'm trying to create is a software instrument.

The Sensel (which looks bad to the bone) outputs midi. From what I've see it's a midi controller.

So if you just want to use it with a DAW, just add it as a midi controller. That's the intended way to use it. It will deliver midi signals to the daw, and yes, any VSTs, loaded therein. Try audio reaper , or OHM STUDIO.

If you want to do strange things with the midi signals once they get to the PC, that would require software to process the midi before it enters the DAW. These things are possible, but a pain in the ass. And not needed by most.

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