Label mockup!

Will get back to the new applicants shortly!

email sent! (again ;-))

Apeshit wrote:

Label mockup!

Will get back to the new applicants shortly!

That cart looks awesome! Can't wait to buy a few.

Hello! Any news about this? Thx!

cyberic wrote:

Hello! Any news about this? Thx!

Still working on it! Should have an update soon.

@apeshit did you get my submission on the emails?

Will the Catridge be available in the first quarter of 2018 or until Halloween 2018?

The current plan is to release the cartridge whenever it is ready. Certain elements such as creating a custom mapper pushed the release back.

With that said, we have room for 1-2 more submissions if anyone else wants to take part!

we hope well heart

It's happening!

We'll be releasing the ROM for free on Halloween (Freebie-GBs!). Those interested in a physical copy will be able to purchase one in the following months when the hardware is complete.

I *may* have wet myself a little bit watching the teaser!!

wowowowow. excited!

awesome!!! is the ROM available? (looks like the site is down...)

Just waiting on the ROM to be uploaded to nitro2k01's site.

Here's a demonstration of the ROM for now:

We’re back for another Halloween release!

As we gear up for our physical cartridge release for Heebie-GBs 2018, we are releasing the ROM: Freebie-GBs completely free for Halloween.

Due to time constraints, the ROM is not 100% finished, and a few things will be polished for the cart release. For example, the music visualization is a bit CPU heavy and interferes with the music playback, and can be turned of with the select button. The ROM does however represent the overall idea of this year's Heebie-GBs release.

Check out our teaser here:
ROM demo:
Free ROM download:

We will not be immediately taking pre-orders. Instead we are allowing people to reserve their cartridge numbers, and will follow up when the cartridge are available to pre-order. No hard feelings if you can’t commit to your purchase when the time comes around.

We are starting from 1-50, and if interest is higher, we will raise the quantity.

We expect these to cost approximately $40USD + $5-10 USD shipping.

Please let us know the following:
Preferred cartridge number from 1-50 (or simply request "lowest").
Would you like to be prioritized for the nearest lowest number if your number is unavailable or if a lower number becomes available?

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I prefer the lowest cartridge number :-)