It's a game. So be a child and play. Enjoy it. I you're stucked, leave it and start something new as mentioned. It doesn't matter, if some of that loops compose a whole track. Don't take it too seriously.

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I shift the bass around when I'm stuck, which works especially well for differentiating new sections and melodies tend to write themselves over an interesting bassline, or progression in the least (ex: I always try to start on a new note from the previous section).

Yeah I didn't think of it, but I do tend to let the bass do the walking. which is usual the *root note, or wherever, in my songs. The bass note is just dancing around the root of the chords usually.

I can go either way on the "leave it alone for a while" thing. Sometimes I just power through, and write anything, with the knowledge that I can always reload the song.

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Learn music composition



also filters

To expound... Even just the basics of classical composing techniquez can help.

Or you can just throw in a cmshot and magically a whole new world of tonal exploration is open to yewww