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Well you could use the mGB mods that change the midi channels, so you could have up to three. Though I'm imagining a giant wall of gameboy drones which would be amazing.

Yea but the source midi would still be the fixed channels. Arduinoboy can only send up to max 4 channels, no matter what downstream splitter you have.

If you made an active splitter that could transpose the channels, like the midi solutions devices do, then sure you can control more than four devices BUT STILL ONLY FOUR CHANNELS OF UNIQUE NOTES at a time.

should work with nanoloop usb midi adapter though.. i have a modded dmg-07, can test that combo as long as someone reminds me later

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Lsdj master works like  "your reverse map"
https://github.com/trash80/Arduinoboy#l … row-number
Youd have to grab the midi note and convert it to row position in your sequencer app, but its really handy for triggering for example an ableton live scene on live row trigger.

Does it send a midi note on each row number, while playing ?
I thought it was only sending the first row number when you pressed start...

Oh yea you might be right, its only on song start maybe?

herr_prof wrote:

Oh yea you might be right, its only on song start maybe?

I think so unfortunately. I couldn't convince Johan to send the row number for each row ;-(

I really want to put this to use if it becomes available for sale! I'd just be using it for 3x or 4x lsdj.
Maybe I could make my own adapter, but where would I find those link cable male pins? Should I just gut faulty DMGs for them?

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They will come available at some point, at least small batch. Beauty of making pcb is that you can just use pcb as male connector.

Update status with this project??

I'm ordering small batch of these end of this month, PM me if interested.

Found last three from my Beta run, tested and put on bandcamp as merch. 5€ (instead of 8€ for release unit) + 1€ for shipping anywhere in world, you can pay more if you insist big_smile 

https://rebb.bandcamp.com/merch/game-bo … s-for-lsdj

Bought one!  Would buy all three but don't want to be greedy - please post when more are available.  smile

One left!
Will get small run done by end of this month. Will PM people that were interested.

would love to know if this will work with nanoloop....

If you have LSDj as master and three Nanoloop slaves, it should work like a charm. Or 1 Nanoloop in master and 1-3 Nanoloop slaves.

All adapters gone and posted. Ordered a small batch of 21 adapters today. Should take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

I will be there again.  ❤

Little update, just got noted a few days ago that new batch is already on its way!