Gizmodo article

Sorta cool I guess? Hopefully the cases are cool so they can be repurposed for much more awesome tasks.

Gizmodo wrote:

...the Commodore PC64, an Intel Atom-powered PC featuring 4GB DDR3 memory, SATA 1TB HDD, HDMI output, optical drive (either DVD/CD or optional Blu-ray), and more -- all in "an exact replica" of the original beige C64 chassis.

I call vaporware!

arfink wrote:

I call vaporware!

Quoted so I can later remind you of how wrong you were later tongue

celsius wrote:
arfink wrote:

I call vaporware!

Quoted so I can later remind you of how wrong you were later tongue

Double quoted incase he's right.


if i remember, i heard about this a little bit ago...are the made by cybernet? if so, i wouldnt recommend...we had a bunch of their computers at work and they were a pain in the many had failing parts that i built a few computers from parts left in ones thatd died

Well the first incarnation they suggested would have been a rebranded Cybernet zpc-gx31 here.

Not sure if that means that Cybernet actually owns the rights to the name and thus also manufacture and design the PC or if it's just someone who bought the brand and then went to tender to find a hardware supplier.

saw this a few months ago. … ces_again/

We do get the distinct impression, however, that Commodore USA is flying by the seat of its pants. When we phoned Barry Altman this morning, he initially told us he wasn't Barry Altman. ®

Naah.. bound to fail again sad
If all c64 demosceners would hand in a few euros.. Time to put that brand out of misery.

Oh, plus i heard their  featured prototype is actually a stolen image from some amiga demo.. How shady smile

It's half a laptop, how could this fail?

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hmm...  surely some small pc board would fit in a broken c64 case anyway?

I'm pretty sure they've redesigned the keyboard and fucked up the case color by basing it on how the case looks today, (Non-retrobrite'd) rather than what it should look like. But we shall see about that.

Bullshit on a plate... you can buy these things already, they are just rebranded products.
The image on their website is stolen, yes- they even bothered to photoshop out credit until someone demanded it relabled. … p;forum=17

There's no proof of that design ever making it into being made into a case, or even them somehow fitting a quad core pc into a C64 case...

does it run Windows 20XX?

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yeah, but you dont want it