I had two flash carts that I never updated from 3.9.9 because right around the switch to version 4.x the noise channel transpose column in tables was altered, and the advice at the time was to convert those to "S" commands. A lot of my tables were already using both command columns as well as using the transpose column as an extra column for "S" commands, there was no room in the tables to add an "S" command, so I was unable to upgrade without breaking compatibility with some songs I had already made.

On a third flash cart I started fresh so I kept up with the updates for a while, but stopped around 4.7.3, which is coincidentally when the steady flow of updates stalled for a while. I recently updated this cartridge to what is currently the latest version 6.8.3 to check it out and it seems I missed a whole lot of changes. Can anyone give me the rundown on how to fix older songs so they will work on the newest version? I would like to at least give it a shot this time since I'm so far behind. There is a lot of information on the changelog and I'm just looking for the major changes that broke backwards compatibility. From my understanding so far, it seems I'll need to fix any of my "R00" commands, as well as any "L" or "P" command, as the pitch bending has been overhauled. Maybe there are a few other changes I'm unaware of or can't remember. If anyone has advice I would appreciate it.

EDIT: Guess this place is pretty dead, huh? Well, I ended up getting most of the older stuff I thought was worth keeping up and working on 6.8.3 from as far back as the 3.x versions. If anyone comes here looking for the same advice, you'll need to redo pretty much all L, P, R commands. Most of my V commands didn't seem to change. Some random commands didn't behave the same in certain situations L commands with no instrument do not do crazy pitch bends anymore. Also the pulse channel fine tuning can be slightly different so look out for that.

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