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The only way something would be cheaper AND well made would be if someone huge was making it like a Korg or Behringer. I think your options will always be between cheap and affordable, or expensive and boutqiue

That's true. Although, I think the the quality of both the rg350 and the retroid pocket go looks pretty decent compared to something like the OGA. Also, I'm talking about the less than $150 range, not $40. The problem is it's a niche market and are only produced in low to mid size quantities.


Yea thats my point, the volcas are a miracle at 150 and that's entire because of the economy of scale. Korg could defo make the m8 for $199 easy id imagine.

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@Dorian james  actually rg350 have wifi if you use rogue. I use LGPT on RG350 on rogue and it works well. At first i had problems with the sound it was because it was laggy sometimes (not often) but after i replaced the internal sd card with 127Go card it works great for now...

The pocketgo v2 works also very well and it is really more easy to transfer file or change sd cards because there is no internal sd cards. The 2 sd card are accessible so it's easy to make changes on it. On my, my A button dont work very good but I think it's because it was an occasion. For the sound I dont hear differences between the 2. Sometimes I think that pocket go v2 have more bass but I really not sure at all.

I abandonned the pocket go v1 because the unit i received has big problems with audio (when jack plugged sound was only right or left or didn't work and the hall was little too small for jack...). The unit was a new one...

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Sorry for necrothreading but I have a question ! The buttons are set on A and B (it's it so normal that it is weird af on piggy lol)
I never changed ever changed controls in the there a way to change that in the pocketgo and if not how do we set this up in the config.xml ?!
Edit: Nevermind found it and I don't know if there is a mistake on the LGPT mapping page or if the pocketgo pull a Nintendo move on the dingoo config but the controls are inverse (like if dingoo buttons was setup like a xbox controller and Pocketgo as a Nintendo controller) so on the Mapping webpage A will be B (and B will be A Obviously) and Y will be X.
If you want to have the good old Piggy mapping settings(Square and Triangle) just copy this in your config.xml file ! smile
<KEY_A value="key:0:left shift" />
<KEY_B value="key:0:space" />

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