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I can't think of anything that would connect the issues you report with LSDJ to the replacement power regulator. Maybe a coincidence? Others might know better than me.

It does seem possible that backlight LEDs would be able to draw more current from the new source and thus run a little hotter. A higher value current limiting resistor could be an option.

I happen to have the RetroSix board on order at the moment, so I'll endeavour to report back when it arrives.

I did some backtracking on my particular backlight to see if I might've installed it incorrectly and I stumbled upon a video that Nonfinite Electronics uploaded long after I had installed my backlight and he is definitely not soldering the backlight to the same points that I did.

(The video is filmed from far away so it's impossible to see which points he's using, maybe someone knows:

I'm using these points but without the resistor, maybe that's where my problem lies..

However I'm pretty certain that Nonfinite stated back when this  backlight was released that there would be no need for any additional resistors because they were built in.

Perhaps that someone with more expertise could clarify all this; I'd be mighty thankful cause I'm desperate to get my DMG up and running without having to wait for additional parts and lengthy shipments etc.

It should be added that the CleanPower board outputs 6V instead of 5V if I understood correctly from the previous posts.

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Haven't used Nonfinite backlights so don't know if they have a resistor built in. Maybe email them to ask?


As an update to the CleanPower board, thanks ScanianWolf for the voltage output testing. It looks like they have updated the CleanPower board to a new version with different components and layout. Am hoping they use 5v instead of 6v with this new version but that remains to be seen.


CleanPower V1 does not work with flash carts. On Hand Held Legend page some one talks about adding one diode to make it work, but no instructions. " Added a (MUR160G) diode, like the instructions said, so that flash carts could get enough power."

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