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This is really great info. I really want a 1200 but damn, I see sites selling them for $400... the ones on eBay seem to be either crap or overpriced and "as is." I'd love to see a good "list of stuff" of a good basic setup for AHX, etc. but I am sure it is easy enough to find on the posted links.


Amigakit have new old stock A1200s for £150 ($240), and Amigakit are fairly overpriced anyway I've been told, so second hand from somewhere else should be much cheaper. Or are they really that much rarer in the USA?

I can't find the site but they were selling the new old stock in the US for around $360 I think. Used ones on eBay have been going for around $200. I'll definitely check out Amigakit - sounds like a much better deal.

EDIT: I have been looking more and have seen a few pop up in the states for as low as $100 so I guess eBay is just the wrong place to look for one of these.

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On topic, fellas. Make a new thread smile

Just bought a 1200 for $70 on eBay! Will pick it up when I'm in London in a few weeks. Excited. big_smile

That's cheap. Great!
Now you need an accelerator, extra RAM, a compactflash IDE adapter, a PCMCIA card reader....


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That's cheap. Great!

I actually feel rather silly now because right after I bought mine for 48 GBP (which I thought was a good deal at the time), I saw like 5 more each go for around 1 GBP with 10 or 20 pounds shipping.

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Now you need an accelerator, extra RAM, a compactflash IDE adapter, a PCMCIA card reader....

Upgrading Amigas is an expensive downward spiral of death! I promised myself I wouldn't attempt it. XD

THen you promised yourself  not to unlock the full potential of your machine! There's only so much way you can walk with the stock machine tongue

Here's another nice link for this thread smile

BitWorld @ BitFellas - Big demoscene database for the Amiga:

With oodles of hard to find intros, demos, tools and musicdisks etc