:~ )

Here's one he's just finished for me:


commissioned keff to do some art.
great stuff, very communicative.

why would you not want him to make you hotdog art?
I'm buying this guy dinner some day. Scratch that, he's getting some hotdogs.

Thanks guys!  <3__<3

The hotdog covers might be my masterpiece!
I am now drinking beer and eating hotdog NOMONOMNONOMOMOMOMONO

Haha the ovenrake cover is your masterpiece dude!!!!!!!!!!

so hot!!

love it

enjoy your beer

rox artist, pay what he deserves!!!!...

I certify (Y)

Thanks all! I updated the portfolio with some of the latest stuff.

Anyone need any graphics?
I need money for rent sad

Check out the latest stuff from http://konttine.tumblr.com/


ovenrake wrote:

Jesus Christ that looks amazing!

Anyone in need for some pixels? I have bills to pay big_smile

Also, check out new stuff @ http://konttine.tumblr.com/

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I'm almost out of projects?!

KeFF is awesome and really worth emailing! A sound guy, who takes your ideas to the next level working with you every step!

Besides logos and artwork, Keff rules at doing videogame sprites etc. 100% SUPPORT!

Thanks guys heart

Anyone in need for pixels? Would be good time to order something from me!

Bunch on new stuff on the blog as well, check www.konttine.tumblr.com