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y'all are crazy, until this thing has effect commands and the two sample channels working and can save and some way to actually edit the wav instrument instead of using presets, this thing sucks

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Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

Forgot to say: I messed with it, really slick, but I couldn't save or load with my dingoo, it would crash the emulator as I exited it. Didn't check in the PC emulator though.

dunno about those crashes, but on the website, or at least in that translated description it says that saving isn't enabled yet in this version

Missed that. Hm, didn't know about that. So, yeah, it works nicely, but as saskrotch said and I agree, until it works with non preset wav chan (which was boring since I couldn't do a good sound with it other than a sine) and the samples, which is the best feature of it, we have to wait.

Is still a great program with a BIG potential.

I agree, I'm definitely looking forward to the updates.

But yes, right now it is a useless program. But it appears to be in active development, and shows some real promise.

Hi guys !
Thanks for your interest about my projet !

FAT is stil under heavy development: there are some bugs and features haven't yet been coded.

An English documentation will be available (really) soon smile Perhaps a Spanish one would be also available . Translation is directed by Joan Dolç. By now a complete french documentation is downloadable on the official website ^^.

FAT is open source. For those who think they could help: you're welcome ! IMHO helping with some sources should be more constructive than bad criticism ... FAT is written in C (not ASM) and I use the HAM library which is a high-level one. It should be simple to jump into smile You will find a complete developer documentation on the official website (in french however ...)

By now, FAT has been released into version 0-01: it's a very alpha release ! But I managed to make some songs with it ! Sure, you can (you have to !) do a better job with LSDJ (FAT only support the old Gameboy 4 channels, there's no effect at this time, ... quite simple ^^ )

FAT has been tested on SupercardSD (write the GBA with the official client on Windows and not with Wine if you are using Linux ... try it into a VirtualBox/VmWare machine). I also try it on an old EZFlash (perhaps version I ou II ... don't know). SupercardSD seems to have some saving issues sad ...  I planned to write a little comparison table on the documentation in order to help people to run on real hardware (which is more exciting than the PC emulator). I saw you manage to make it work on EZFlash III and IV smile That's a great news!

Again, thanks for your enthousiasm smile It help me a lot wink I'll keep hard working on it

Thanks also to Smiker: his documentation help me a lot too smile I hope FAT will give him the motivation to go on coding his program; this could be the very first FAT's "victory" ('cause M4G is really cool)

See ya'
Spintronic (Cyril)

Nice to hear that. I dare to say your tracker is better than skimer, in terms of visualization and tracking on a handheld. I liked because it's simple and I can't code to save my life.

Spintronic wrote:

SupercardSD seems to have some saving issues

you have to physically tell the supercard to record the save, after doing it in-ROM. it's either L+R+Select+A or L+R+Select+B. one is 'normal save' and the other is a freeze state.

Spintronic is a cool guy and never afraid of anything

btw - youre awesome!

@Saskrotch: yeah this seems to be the only way with SupercardSD ... a sort of snapshot. Not really brilliant sad With this kind of system you have to write the same GBA several times in order to have several song on your SD card... Good deal to play at game  such Zelda but not really to hold on several tracks -_-

@im-pulze: ahah thanks \o/

@Subway Sonicbeat : thanks too ^^

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I'm glad the code is open sourced, just nice to see, and if for whatever reason you do have to stop development someone else could potentially pick it up. Though I do hope you continue! Glad to see someone doing this!

OpenSource's trackers are quite rare ... that's sad neutral
I'm really attached with the OpenSource "way of life" (don't know it it's the good expression). FAT is and will be OS and free as in beer smile

Spintronic wrote:

OpenSource's trackers are quite rare ... that's sad neutral
I'm really attached with the OpenSource "way of life" (don't know it it's the good expression). FAT is and will be OS and free as in beer smile

are you saying the normal save doesn't work with FAT on a supercard? or did you only try the save state one?

the one that's labeled "Normal Save" when you do the command updates the save file on the SC to match the save file in-rom.

although if you tried that, it might just be a problem between HAM and the SC.

have you tried to replacing the .sav file on the cart with a renamed .sav file from another game? sometimes that solves the problem the super card sometimes has with homebrew GBA programs.

@Saskrotch : yes ! that's I missed ! the R+L+START+A smile Now the save is working with my SuperCardSD (the "normal save") (version 0-02 which will be released soon) Thanks for the tip wink

Please remember that the "save" function has not been implemented into the version 0-01 (the one currently available). -__-

Looking forward to Version 0-02 as EZFlashiv doesn't have save states. Would it be possible, in a future version, to have select + up/down change the octave when locked in composer screen? I think that would make it a bit more useful when playing live...

Hi guys !
FAT v0.2.0 has been released ! Here are all made improvements:

    save and load : only 3 songs for the moment (there's no compression)
    first command: the Kill command (K)
    interface is more accurate
    WAV instruments are stable now (I had some issues with some registers. Now it's ok)
    output mode has been implemented (right/left/all/none)
    there are some new parameters available in PROJECT screen and COMPOSER screen
    some help screen added (press R+L)
    some others stuffs and bugs corrections

In order to manage your saves files, a tool has been released: Burger (this tools is "equivalent" to LSDManager)

Official website has been "improved" :

The next version should allow you to exploit the last two channels with hot-pluggable samples smile (like LSDJ's kits)

FAT has been tested with success on ez4, ez1, supercardSD (DjangoFeet model), UltraAdvance). You HAVE TO use provided softwares for each cartridge to write the GBA.

See ya wink the next release will probably be done for the next month. (let's say the last june sunday)

Waiting for samples!

I might just have to get try this for my GBA big_smile

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