Thank you for your support. That's my idea too. I've tried lowering the volume of the instruments and that just lowered the total volume, but the distortion is still there. If I lower the channels with the volume column - doesn't that require a command for each note? It also seems identical to what I get if I lower the volume of each instrument.

I want to mod my Atari so that I get a jack for each YM voice, I've gotten answer to which pins I need to solder the jacks to, but! In the video iNFOTOXIN posted the guy says I have to cut the pins away from the board. Is that really so? Seems pretty brutal to do that, if I wanna restore it someday or something.

I know dubmood have done something similar. Dubmood: how did you do this? smile

Also I still wonder if someone knew how to get DMA channels to a single or multiple jacks?

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i'd cut traces on the board to separate them, then run wires off the bottom side of the board to my output circuits.


try lowering the volume using microwire commands and not the actual YM volume.

it seems to depend on the ste, some are bad sound quality and beyond hope, some are perfect all the time, and some need the volume reducing on the microwire.

i think its the 'u' tracker command - have a look on the online help anyway