If you have them id love to know some details/Links of the ftdi midi drivers on the mac. Iv been thinking about making some USB midi stuff for a while and just never got fully up to speed.

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Timing jitter seems to be a result of a lot of factors. I've done what I can to prevent it, but there's no saving a slow laptop. In my design, the YM has a dedicated oscillator, so midi timing issues won't cause audio jitter per se. Because I'm not using a proprietary midi driver, I've decided to receive the data at a faster rate than spec, and wait for each data byte. That should resolve dropped bytes and buffer overflow. That said, I'm sure someone will find a way to break it.

As to Mac FTDI Midi drivers: I'm using unhacked FT232R drivers and bumping up the speed with a helper app to resolve OSX & LInux stress.