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The Rubber Man

Like Xyno suggested. People also play on keyboards of C64.

Or - one just can get some toy-keyboard to make the micromusic more interesting.

It's really fun.

Good luck.

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I still feel like pressing play on the trackers isn't right... What options do I have?

Well, if you are in a situation where you are just going to "press play" on a PC tracker, then why not break it into parts and drop it into something like Ableton Live or (better still) Maschine and use a cool surface to control your sequencing with the laptop shut?  It seems a bit silly when you have all that computing power to just hit play in a tracker and jump around.  Especially if you've already rendered the Famitracker waveforms. 

If you do keep it running in the tracker, you could potentially add "loop" points and choose when to break the loops or switch channels / parts on and off on the fly (which is what I do on the Amiga).  I also channel split and put (in my case) CH 1&4 and 2&3 on separate channels of a Pioneer DJM800 which has mappible effects processor and dedicated pass filters.   Or I use a couple of Kaos pads if I can't take the 800.  Sometimes, due to the sound system, instruments need turning up and down to sit better in the mix on the fly too so it's worth keeping a listen to the track.  :-)

This is a great idea! You could also use a device like an SP404 or other performance oriented sampler so that you have access to effect and whatever other sounds you want. combining the two would be something like splitting the lead from the rest of the track and putting them on separate pads. you could also midi sync to a device like this, if you so desire.


i'm 1000% for sampling your stuff to play back on other software/hardware live at this point (i've got a very bad back so no way i could carry old e.s.c. setups to gigs anymore).. did my first e.s.c. set in 3 1/2 years on NYE and  was playing reconstructed versions of tracks using piggy tracker in live mode on a psp go & a gp2x f200.. all instruments were converted to mono and panned according to if i wanted to run them through my kp2 or not.. worked pretty well.. it's nice to go from hauling out setups that require a handcart to lug all 200+ lbs of it back to setups that fit in a backpack.. eventually might start hauling gear out to shows again, after i get a nice big rack case on casters, but honestly most people don't care if it's coming off the original hardware or not... just try and find whatever ways you can to make it enjoyable for you to perform.. i couldn't do a "press start to play" kind of set myself, i'd go crazy if i didn't have the flexibility to adjust things on the fly (stretch out parts, add effects, etc)

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Press start and climb on the DJ table.

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Here's how I played some Sega Genesis / Mega Drive music live recently.

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Here's how I played some Sega Genesis / Mega Drive music live recently.

Freezedream, I found this performance quite pleasant. smile Thanks for sharing!

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I found this thread pretty helpful in the past, so now it has been bumped, I may as well share my experience.

I've only played a couple of chip gigs live, but feel fairly comfortable doing so.

My first one was in Japan, so I used two DMGs and a mini 'iRig' mixer, as suggested by Joe Bleeps. I synched the 2 Game Boys together using a link cable so the tempo was always matched, and then I just faded between the tracks. I was a bit too serious though, as I was concentrating all the time to make sure everything was working properly.

For the second gig, I didn't need as portable a setup, so I added a Kaoss Pad, and a couple of effects pedals. I ran the whole thing through the fx chain, and just kept the wet/dry knob in an appropriate place so that it didn't overtake the whole sound. I ditched the link cable as it was too much effort, and I just had spaces in between songs for people to cheer/clap/whatever. If I didn't want a space, I used one of the pedals to grab a loop and mangle it while I set up the next song.

Here's a video:

In future, I am planning to add to the hardware setup more, and use MIDIOUT on LSDJ to control other synths and drum machines to bulk out the sound. That complicates things a bit, but I'm going to do it one stage at a time. The dream is to play a gig with the Game Boys and Eurorack all working in harmony, but we'll see how that goes. smile

Oh, wearing masks and dancing about drunkenly with a friend controlling some visuals is also good.

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You could load Mp3s of your tracks into Serato and just do a standard DJ set.