@Maxd Nice, man! Get some footage! I'm recording a set tonight as well.

Me too! (Ignore the hat malfunction.)

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Thought I should mention that there are 50+ chipmusic videos and counting under gameboyaustralia.com's "Video" tag.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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So good!

Here are a few more vids.

My wife videoed me the other night, but the camera went weird towards the end. MPC, NES and GBA jam

Clip from St Paddy's at Strummer's
Sound malfunction near the end lol.

Here's a video from an Open Mic i did.


10spd wrote:

Clip from St Paddy's at Strummer's
Sound malfunction near the end lol.

Idk if I should be sad that I don't see myself and Ian Flux dancing like fools

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I live in a rediculously small town in Texas, and I moved here from Santa barbera California, the only place anyone will let me play is at hot topic.... Hahahaha

8GB live in Blip Festival Tokyo 2010


Good work 8gb, looks like a great live show.

Played with The Glowing Stars on TWiT.TV's "Game On" last night.

We play one song from Horchata, one song from Anything Past That and Nicholas D. Wolfwood, one of the Awkward Terrible songs from Horchata. We left in the silent break, and hilarity ensues.

No way to embed it, sorry. Came out quite good though!


I usually stay sober until I'm done my set, but videos like this probably make that hard to believe:

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