Is there a final deadline for submissions??
My girlfriend is currently having a bit of a BC scare at the moment, probably nothing but scary as shit nonetheless.
Let me know if I can help in any way other than attempting to write my usual awful music.


Might do something for this!

Shriker: Nope, no deadline yet! I want people to take their time smile But, I would like stuff soon! Also, I'm sorry about your girlfriend! Send her my best wishes please smile It is really scary...I've had many close people/animals to me that had scares/actually had it. It's not easy man. Hit me up on Gmail if you want dude smile Plus, some sexay Shriker art would probably be 20000 times better than mine and as good of a contribution as I could possibly ask for! But your awful music would also be nice ^o^

Subway: Fantastic! Awesome, let me know if you can ^^

shriker is a art badass

<------------- I know this

i know this too ;D

So james, when are you gonna send me your song? lol

HMMM. well i have a few random new tracks im working on, and i was going to try to finish one for the compo, BUT if you need something earlier i've got plenty of tracks on deck ;]

hoot wink I'll take whatever you think would work best, no rush dude wink


I just checked the artist list and this comp is going to rule.

I contribute monthly to the cancer hospital who took care of my uncle (sadly, deceased in 2003) and I'll be happy to contribute on this one.

Also, congratulations Frostbyte for having this idea.

Thanks PULSELOOPER smile I'd be really happy to hear your contribution! Email it to me whenever you can smile

I'm setting a deadline soon!  If you have tracks, send them up! I want to get this released by the end of march big_smile

I think having a very loose deadline is going to result in much tighter work, but I do want to get the ball rolling a little bit faster smile I'm trying to think of a good date, but for now, just try to get stuff ready to go if you can! big_smile

Again, thank you all so so much for doing this! I can't believe the incredible amount of support I've gotten, and I would like to announce that at some point, I plan on doing a volume II of this smile So, if you can't quite get a track ready, or if you get declined this time, there's definitely going to be another go for everyone. Thank you so much, I think this is gonna be a huge hit!

You're all the best.

Just sent mine out to you bro big_smile

I am going to try and submit something for this!

Will be sending you mine in the next few days. tongue

Wahey! thanks guys. She was fine so that's all good smile
If I get a chance I'll knock up a cover artwork sometime this week, hella busy (and lazy) but it's a good cause. I'll refrain from submitting music because i'm a bit rusty haha.

Sweet dude big_smile I'm really happy to hear the good news about your girlfriend, I know how scary that can be smile

I'm really excited to see whatever you can do ^^