Hmmm...I'll accept previously released material, as long as it's really good wink I want to make this album pretty exclusive so that if people really want those songs, they gotta buy it, therefore contributing to the charity smile But I'll strongly consider a fantastic pre-released song smile

As for format, for the first round submissions, you can send just an mp3 smile I'll listen to them all and pick out the best of the best for the album, and then if you get an email back asking for a wav, that means you're in smile

I must thank you all so much! I cannot even express the level of happiness all of your participation gives me. Honestly, I wasn't sure how well this would go over, but all my previous worries are completely gone smile Thank you all so much big_smile I was reading my list of everyone who wants to do this while coincidentally listening to my most emotional song and I got shivers down my spine haha.

You're all the best! Still no deadline as of yet, but I think it'll be early-mid next month smile Send away!

I really wanna do this, but I can't promise anything in this timespan - I've got so much going on!

So hopefully! But all the best for this awesome idea for an awesome cause either way!

Awesome man! Someone asked about sending in an already released song, and I said you can, it's just gotta be really good wink If that's the only way you can submit, i'll take it smile

Hey dude, I will buy and promote the shit out of this. Wish my music wasn't totally unsuited to the cause. :-/

No way, 10k?!? big_smile Wow man, thanks! Means a lot!

hey, i think 10k music will be fine for this album

they don't all have to be ballads!

I mean, if you want, you can send me a track 10k smile I won't turn down a submission smile Basically I just don't want a song where it's like, full of curse words and about unorthodox topics...I want it to be marketable to the masses. Avoiding a guy screaming into the mic about stabbing children over a double bass haha wink

Thanks for doing this, Frostbyte. Such an awesome idea. This is a topic that hits very close to home for me and my family. Just e-mailed you!

Is there a limit on number of submissions?

DaPantz: I'll respond to that email ASAP! I wanna spend time with a good response smile

Holy: Nope! Send as many as you want smile The more the merrier!

Updated the first post.

Please be careful with samples and whatever! I don't wanna pay four gajillion dollars over some silly copyright issue. wink

hey, this looks sweet. We're in if the is still room

is there a deadline for submissions?

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There's room, and no deadline yet! big_smile

Thanks dude wink

I'm in! And sent big_smile

I'm in!

I'd love to be in, my Grandad died from prostate cancer hmm
Also, when is the deadline?

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