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First we get a real drag and drop game boy cart, now kitsch's el backlights are here, what next? Derriskharlan releases an album?

Next are Kitsch-Bents reworked DMG cases!!!!!!

Oh, and printable screen covers. They're in my possession. I have to test them out and post some pictures.

godinpants wrote:

...what next? Derriskharlan releases an album?

(next are cases, and a never-before-seen thing, i don't even think i let it slip once...  well maybe once.  its a complete surprise.  then, if i can pull it off, another huge one to follow wink     

... cryptic ...

and the print-your-own screen covers...

man.  the list just doesn't end.  just soooo much fun stuff to tackle.  ever so slowly without kickstarter too tongue

the el kits i'm very glad to have finished.  its been like an annoying scratch in a way.

i have two samples of the new cases in-hand now to review before the mold is hardened (i'll be making a couple very small changes).  i'll get some pics up soon, they've turned out really nice.  after this, when the mold is done, there will be a small test batch and these will be up for public sale (apart from the handful of people which know to expect one, who i'll get in touch with myself apart from that batch).  the test batch is going to be in the classic light grey dmg color, at least thats the plan.  light grey takes pigment, not sure i'm up for that expense for a small batch just yet.  if not, white.  i'm doing a run of dmg buttons in the light grey too, and they are supposed to time it up to use the same batch of plastic, but with revisions happening now not sure it will happen like that...

i've also thought about moving away from ABS plastic and using PP.  if anyone has any thoughts on plastic types they'd like me to explore for cases/buttons, please let me know.  i can't do them in celluloid, i've already tried this hmm  i was going to do some faux turtle shell stuff for giggles

White would be fun.

you da best!

I hate to play the devil's advocate, but how is the contrast in real life, ompared to, say, a green LED backlight?

contrast is excellent, imo.  its still the basic principle as LED backlighting (light source, then polarization, then the LCD).  looks just like the contrast on a white LED backlight except completely even lighting.

i think its easier to read myself, as there is zero hotspotting or distortions at all...

the green LED backlights do have an amazing contrasting effect though.  putting a green color film on these didn't test so well, however i think i'm going to just drop using the material i've been trying for adding colors.  some other colors don't look good at all.  there are other materials I have yet to try.  although, i'm not sure if the contrasting effect on a green EL backlight would echo that on a green LED one, it hasn't so far.  apart from the hum associated with EL tech, i prefer these in all ways over the LED ones (any color). 

i'm all up for answering questions on them, play the advocate some more!

(i should just mention as a general tip: the way the screen looks changes a bit (as does the brightness) depending on whether the diffusion film is on the top or the bottom of the polarization film.  they just look slightly different, both ways have its advantage though.  i'm not sure if i'll include diffusion film with the kits, they don't really need it because the lighting is already even.  i just wanted to mention this to anyone keeping up with the thread to experiment if they wish.  our diffusion film is a bit more than just a diffusion layer, this is the cause of these changes...  other stuff is going on as well i just have neglected to fully explain)

kitsch, I work in a theater and can supply you with endless scraps of all manner of colors of theatrical lighting gel. Pieces the size of a gameboy screen get thrown in the garbage every day. Let me know if that would help in any way. smile

you can help in every way big_smile

do you know the material, manufacturer, thickness, etc of the material?  i mean...  do you all use the same type stuff, or is it a big mess of trash and this info is lost? 

the only concern i'd have is if it was PERFECT, but there wasn't any way of finding what out what 'it' is...

yeah....  pick some up whenever you can of some various colors and things, and i'd love to try it out.  even if you don't know the info on it, it'd be a great way to test a new approach in all this...

thanks so much!  thats very kind of you!  when you get some gathered, PM and we'll work out a trade for it smile

I should have manufacturer and color code info for most of the scraps. If I don't, it wouldn't be too hard to figure it out. I'll get some stuff together and we'll chat. smile

I was thinking it didn't need the diffuser at all. I just put it in since it was included. I have a few color films I'll have to try.

I'm aware of the issue with sound interference when compared to an led backlight, but most concerned by current draw. What's the battery life like on a dmg with one of these vs an led backlight?

Kitsch might be able to answer that better than me. I haven't gotten to use it a whole lot.
I changed the hook up points to the regulator board and there is zero background noise now. AWESOME.

it pulls around 60-65mA, so its a little bit more than a three LED backlight, but not significantly more.  they'll pull ~45mA for a three LED version.  its really not a big drain on the battery.

you can compute that into 'time' if you want, the difference probably isn't worth the effort though.