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At least release it for sampler fodder generation big_smile I can import these as dmcs.

Or as raw PCM in SuperNSF/PornoTra- er, MuseTracker.

Or just do post-production mixing with stuff made by other tools. LOL.

EDIT: But seriously, I'd love to see this released. It would make a really good manual-controlled wank instrument for space rock or drone. Hell, it could even be mixed with some loops programmed on PR8.

And, well, yeah. I can bet more than a hundred bucks that people will try to find out a way to get wobble bass outta this thing. But hey, to each its own!

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Yeah, drone machine was the initial idea. I'll keep going at it when I get some time (which hasn't been much of late, hence the delayed release of this demo)

I do think I'll need to reduce the scope from the original idea. Probably just one LFO and one Envelope per voice. The important thing is to keep the processing as fast as possible. I have done the envelopes already they're just not in this demo.

The tricky bit with the synth engine has been to code the LFOs etc in a way that they can be totally scaled/modified on-the-fly. A simple LFO can be done very quickly but if you need to add scalability then processing gets a little more complex and consequently a little slower. The slower the processing the less intense the FM effect etc. It's an interesting little balancing trick smile

One of the odd/cool things is that the synth engine just processes the shit out of as much as it can so you'll get odd artefacts when processing gets shared between two (or more tasks e.g. a LFO and an envelope together won't be able to FM the pitch as fast compared to if you only had the LFO going). Ideally it wouldn't do this but it will add a bit of randomness/unpredictability into the mix which I kind of like.

I'll work towards making a proper demo with all 4 voices. I need to think more about a possible step sequencer so that will have to wait for the time being.


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i just walked in
to see what condition my amiga was in

extratone for the NES. I dig the shit out of that

oh man this looks so cool. will give this a try.

This reminds me of bfxr, ever heard of that?

Love these gnarly sounds!

Any progress on this?

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screw midi

i wants CV

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bleo wrote:


screw midi

i wants CV

whatever, hippie

this would be totally feasible/awesome to use in a live electro set.

Sorry for the lack of update, I've had quite a turbulent couple of months in my personal life and had zero time for....well...anything really. I'll bore you all with the details of that at some point I'm sure.

Really want to spend a bit more time on this very soon smile

Hope all is well man! heart

sounds pretty sick smile