koub1s wrote:

for the examples/instruments, is it possible to get the ones noobstar packaged on his website? the host he linked on his website is down https://n00bstar.blogspot.ca/p/files.html

Oh... hey good call. I haven't checked that in ages. I guess you can poke at Kometbomb for him to include them in the standard package. He's been known to give in to pressure if you call him mean names.

Hey! No. Kinkshaming.

BTW, recently I fixed a bug that might have caused some random crashes and will release 1.7.1 very soon. If you people can send me any example stuff (songs or instruments) you think would be useful (or simply cool) I can include them in the next release.

I'll zip up the stuff I had made and send it over to you.

There's the bugfix release: https://github.com/kometbomb/klystrack/ … /tag/1.7.1

Here's also a snap for Ubuntu etc. users: https://github.com/kometbomb/klystrack-snap

git https://github.com/kometbomb/klystrack-snap
cd klystrack-snap
snap install klystrack*.snap --dangerous --devmode

Didn't upload the snap because it has a lot of system stuff in it and it's over 70 MB! Should work on most systems then, though. Also the script downloads everything for you so it's more convenient than doing the whole build by yourself.

did n00bstar send you his files? i was searching for them, and then re-read that it's a bugfix only big_smile haha

so this snapcraft gather all the needed library and build the snap automatically from the regular github repository? this is great, thanks for this!

--dangerous o______________o'

BTW, i just read that you can register your snap to get listed in the official snapd repository, and have your snap auto built and included (up to 4 times a day): https://snapcraft.io/docs/build-snaps/ci-integration

Yeah no zips from n00bstar yet. I have something somewhere in my Dropbox but the files are probably three years old at least.

The "--dangerous" switch just means you acknowledge the package is not signed, as it would be if you get it from the repository. It's no more dangerous than if you build it yourself!

I'm looking into releasing it in the official thingy but I want to be sure it works (I mean, you have to run the app in developer mode for SDL to even work... not sure how ready for public Snappy is in reality, the experience was extremely Linux). I already wrote a long-ish description in the snap even. tongue

kometbomb wrote:

Yeah no zips from n00bstar yet.

Aye... I've been lazy as usual. I just sent it to you!

I shall bump the version number to 1.7.2 in your honor, sir.

Here it is again: https://github.com/kometbomb/klystrack/ … /tag/1.7.2

Check "examples/songs/n00bstar-examples" for how to use e.g. the sync feature and there's enough instruments to make a pretty good tune in "examples/instruments/n00bstar-instruments".