I was quite skeptical of the cheap USB capture devices but I ended up getting one of these iGrabber things. It ended up working out quite nicely once I cobbled together a cable to connect the C64 via s-video. iGrabber also seemed to be one of the few cheap interfaces that work on a Mac.

Thanks for that tip, I will look into this, seems cheap enough and specially cool if it works on Mac. Do you know if it would work on PPC too?.

According to the info that I see, the driver is PPC compatible but I have no way of testing for sure since I got rid of my last PPC Mac a while ago.

Thanks a lot, this is worth a shot. I have an iBook G4 that would work great for this!

http://pc.bazos.sk/inzerat/53943535/Pre … in-one.php

Hello crew, is this monitor (Thrustmaster for Sony PSone) ok for C64? I want something like that to use with Sid Duzz It tracker and Cynthcard...

you can maybe find cheaper monitors. I've seen some 7" around 20 or 30 € on ebay: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/7-inch-HD-Profes … 33aa726739

or even cheaper for smaller 4,3 " : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/181741830294

but be careful, it seems some are not very compatible with the C64 (refresh problem), have a look at lemon64 forum, there are some threads about this (which I can't find again at the moment)

After a long search I can confirm this car-monitor is working with my C64:
Carmedien 7" TFT Monitor CM-MT7 Auto PKW KFZ Display 7 zoll 12V


I just bought this one for my 128D, but I haven't received it yet... It looks like the seller only has one more available, so I'd act quick if you want one.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/262123680732? … tkn=iwjuVp

I'll report back once I find a good place to mount it and pull 12v from.

I also ordered a very cheap one with 4.3" from Asia. It also works fine!
It's small, but text is still readable. For using trackers live it's quite acceptable I would say, but nothing you can permanent work with.

NTSC/PAL 4.3 Zoll TFT 16:9 Bildschirm Display LCD Monitor DC 12V
On the front is just a "TFT" sticker and on the back are three buttons.


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Okay, so the reason I went with this LCD was because it had a 4:3 aspect ratio and I thought it was worth a shot.

tbh, it leaves a lot to be desired...

This is looking at it from an angle above:

And this is looking at it straight on:

I wonder if something is set incorrectly, like color inversion in a menu, but the seller didn't include a remote.
So, until I get my hands on a universal, we won't know. My assumption is that it's just a really terrible panel.

Anyways... I'll use it, but it was a waste of a 20 spot.

Oh - I forgot to say that both displays I posted above have the possibility to change the ratio to 4:3 as well.

On the Carmedien 7" you can change also colour, brightness, contrast. It also have build-in speakers.

The cheap 4.3" also have these menus, but changing that preferences have no effect at all [sic!]. I don't know if that is just a defect of my device or if they are using the same electronic for their products, but not all LCDs are supporting the change of the screen-settings.

hello C64 crew, what about this 7" TFT monitor for C64?

i checked it in that shop and it seems to have S-Video input, one italian man from lemon64 forum created for me S-Video cable (audio is a separate grounded cinch) and it is same cable, but also male, fortunately with that monitor is also female cable so i can replace it.