Rochester, NY

Kinda wanted to do our own vocals (like our secret track)

but using a cappella mixes doesn't sound like a bad idea...

We can start right away.  No Sleep til Brooklyn

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I would encourage people to do their own vocals but not everyone, like me, can sing or even rap coherently.

Lazerbeat wrote:

Kinda cool how the beastie boys (and a bunch of others) were in that little window when technology was good enough but copyright was lax enough to do super creative sample based music using pretty much whatever the hell they pleased.

this. weird. sad, b.b w/ w/o mca definitely took/take/will continue to take a simple creative idea (sample/toast) and make it resonate on many levels.

The Hollow Earth

Been a fan since License To Ill. I am reminded of a photo in the Sounds of Science double CD where all three of them are made up to look like they're old men and walking down the street together. Makes me sad to think that now this will never happen. We still have the music but we'll miss you bro.

Psydney, Australia

Damn. I knew he battled cancer but I thought it was all behind him.

What a man, what a legacy. Glad I got to hear them play live, not many 3 man bands sound that tight.


I think this is a great idea!

Boulder, CO

Good thing I live in Brooklyn so I can sleep sound tonight.


shitty news, cancer fucking sucks. big up MCA !

Jotie wrote:

Shotgun on "Girls"
For it awesome, easy and I already made it.

-1 happy

Damn you. I was going to try to make a move on that for I've already made it as well. But yes, it's very upsetting to hear sad

edit: Also dibs on Ch-Check it Out since I'd be able to get that done quickly.

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rochester, ny
shotgun breakdown wrote:

do you have to do this in every thread?
just shut your fat fucking mouth every once in a while

haha, i like how no one (except herr prof) commented on this.

do you guys know each other and this is a playful jab that i don't get or is shotgun breakdown just MEAN?


dont think shotgun breakdown knows saskrotch, so probably the latter

Tulsa, OK

sad news tongue Wish I could do a tribute, but all I do is make stuff up off the top of my head and accidentally make songs - im not organized enough to do this right

EDIT: but it is an awesome idea!

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São Paulo, Brazil
defiantsystems wrote:

If we're going to do a tribute and one done right, you HAVE TO use their acappella samples or record your own vocals.

they made a whole bunch of instrumental tracks. Wouldn't be an issue.

shotgun breakdown wrote:
Saskrotch wrote:

you guys don't have to do a comp every time something happens

do you have to do this in every thread?
just shut your fat fucking mouth every once in a while

Hey bro, talking like this to anyone on here is a surefire way to get a slap from mods no matter how much someone's jokes get at you. Keep it clean, especially in a thread about someone's death.

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01. Play nice and use common sense.

02. While we understand that heated debates may sometime occur, but we will not condone nor allow any type of harassment nor intimidation.