well let me just say I think this is pretty cool



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I have kept to myself until now.
But since AMN decided to nekrobump this thread again, please allow me to make a few remarks.

IMHO is one of the worst Atari-related sites I have ever seen.
Here's what's bothering me:

1) The layout of the site is boastful and pretentious. The quality of a website is determined by it's content, not it's graphics.
2) Speaking of which, half a year after launching this site, there is still hardly any original content that is actually of any information value. There are already many Atari-related sites like the DHS homepage or that have 10 times more information on the subject. The only thing that's actually decent is the link section.
3) The way AMN promotes this site gives me the impression that the creator(s) actually don't know what they are talking about. Closing the gap between MIDI and YM musicians? What gap??? That's like if I were to create a ZX Spectrum site that aims to close the gap between AY and Beeper musicians. Or did you think YM musicians were stupid enough not to realize that their machine has MIDI? And what's the reason for ignoring Atari 2600 and the Atari 8bit-family?
4) Do we really need a seperate community for the about 50 active Atari musicians out there? I thought the internet was about bringing people together, not seperating them.

I apologize in advance for the hard words, maybe I just fail to see the point in that site. Maybe there isn't one, though.

edit: never mind me rambling, i'm sure the creator(s) of amn put a lot of work into this site.

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For a n00b like me, the link page is really nice. Didn't know about atari st MIDI and I'm gonna check it out.

edit: I mean, I should know it cause I know it sends midi clock, I should've predicted.

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Thank you for your positive feedback everyone - that's what keeps me working late every night continuing to build this site.  There's lots more to come too!

Irrlichtproject, I'd like to address your concerns one by one, so you can get some insight into the progress and development behind this site and perhaps gain some understanding and perspective. 

1)  The layout of my site is flashy because I am a graphic designer.  I have the ability to make it appear this way because that's what I do - it's my art - that's who I am.  For a website that is only 4 months old, it has an incredible amount of content.  You should also know that I am maintaining a Joomla and PHPBB3 system that requires constant upgrades and maintenance and problem solving.  There are countless bugs and errors to figure out on a daily basis.  Often, it can take an entire week to fix just one thing by fishing through thousands of lines of CSS code and HTML.  I'm also building it by myself and staying up late every night to make sure it runs smoothly. 

Additionally, in 2009, the site was hacked and everything was deleted. Someone must have been very jeoulous of what I was doing - I don't know. But I almost gave up because I was so devastated.

2) Again, AMN is only 4 months old - not "half a year".  Please don't compare a new website to a huge, established one like DHS.  Everyone has the right to a beginning - this is my beginning.

3) Whether or not a chiptune musician is "stupid enough not to realize that their machine has MIDI", as you say, is a terrible thing to project on me and accuse me of thinking. My intention is to bring these two very distinct forms of musical composition together in one place - they are not related in any other way except for being made on an Atari.  There are also some musicians combining the two forms together and I think that is well worth showcasing.  The "gap" is the gap between the two distinct electronic genres.

The synthcart for Atari2600 hasn't been ignored.  You obviously haven't been to the site in a long time - I've had "Army of 2600" featured since Feb 18th and have even included this genre in the main menu.  Right now, I'm also putting together another link section for 8-bit Atari computers.

5) There are far more than 50 Atari musicians out there.  I wouldn't have built a site like this if there wasn't.  The AMN Facebook group has attracted nearly 400 members so far.  Again, all this in 4 months by myself is pretty impressive I think.

Why would you say such negative things?  I always welcome constructive criticism, but this is outright mean.  If you don't like something, why don't you offer to help add content to the site instead of criticize it in such an insulting way? I'm trying to give something useful and meaningful to the chiptune and vintage MIDI community.



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Hi Donovan,

you can provide subdomains like ( ) for artists or sceners who need free web space,   html customization, etc.. ?

Melbourne, Australia

Hey "Atari Music Network"

Reckon you could do something else here other than just whore your site? I'm all for self promotion but when ALL of your past posts are just various incarnations of "Hey! Check out my site!" then I think we have a problem. I'm going to close this thread until you prove yourself to be anything more than a spammer.

I appreciate that this is "chip music related" however as previously stated you've yet to post anything aside from promotional posts for your site thus I classify this more in the spam category.

Please PM me if you'd like to discuss this.

@EBOT : I'm sure you can ask that question in the AMN forums. It seems like a more appropriate place to do so.