Btw, pixls, keep in mind I don't need to run like  9,000 tracks and plugins and vsts and shizz, I just need something to sketch out ideas when i don't have a computer on hand, with the ability to export said ideas as audio or midi. Not really production, more just a small compositional tool.

But, I ask you guys cause when i type in music composition android apps i get shit like "classical piano app!" and whatnot.

and pianos fucking suck. there i said it. ANYWAY

Thanks for the responses! Everything helps!

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Caustic is a lot like Reason for android, I've played with it on my transformer, and PocketBand Uloops is pretty good for sketching out ideas, if you dont mind the fact that its primarily cloud based and wont do you much good if your not attached to some sort of data connection.  There are also a few fun toys like Reactable and NodeBeat, although I mainly use my tablet for TouchOSC and TouchDAW to use it for an interface/mixer for Ableton.