we're catching up over here in wny.

Mine is pretty amazing, there are a couple of regularish chip shows :


A monthly musical show and tell type meet up and I guess about 25 active chippy artists. We also have a rather splendid yearly festival! Also out of interest I think the scene is made up of people in their late 20's and 30's so probably a bit older than most areas?

I think it's just me and Alex Kelly (PB dude other one). If anyone is from Brighton/Worthing area (or anywhere between) do let me know!

As far as I know, I'm it for Sacramento. I bet there's some close by in LA and SF though.

Kubbi wrote:

Let's conquer some ground and create our own chiptune community country

This plz.

Only me and my iPhone nanoloop friends... actually my real friends who I convinced to start using it, lol

Tulsa is not the place for chipmusic, it is a place for country and western :'(

that and I am scared to do a chip show since (back in my post hardcore metal days) I once went to a show where a guy played an LSDJ fireflies get booed off stage. Idk if Tulsa is ready for chip music. I wish I was in Massachusetts! that is the chip state

chip's big three (edit: in the states anyway)

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There was hardly any scene in Melbourne three and a half years ago.

That may have changed somewhat wink

Seriously, people are probably out there and you just don't know it. It still amazes me when we have people come to a SoundBytes and say "I had no idea anyone in Melbourne was doing this. I thought it was just me"

I live in Utrecht, which is pretty much the chip capital of holland.

So, awesome.

I consider myself quite lucky. At first i started playing in my town which was full of acoustic solo projects or indie/hardcore bands; with praise from only a very small group of friends and local musicians. However, after a year the name A Versus B had become quite popular and well known to the point where i started getting asked to play more and more shows. Since then the majority of the A vs B fanbase has gone away to colleges and such, and the locals dont really have much exposure to my music as much. However, the growth in electronic music projects as a whole in my town is definitely evident (not that im calling myself a ringleader or anything, but many projects at least started crawling out of the woodwork finally). This includes the beginning of three other gameboy musicians within the last year. Also, my friend, "Dystrax" and I have so far hosted two electronic shows in my town, both of which were huge successes. We even got Decktonic, KOOL SKULL and Bubblegum Octopus to play them (however with my appologies about the locals showing a bit more support of the "home team"). So yea, it is probably different for me since i live in a smaller town, but if you get your name out there and push your music into the local scene, im sure itll pick up speed at some point.

The community where I live, as far as chiptune communities go, is pretty damn big. Living in Tacoma, I have artists like Stenobot, Ovenrake, Infradead and many more. I can also just drive up to Seattle and listen to those who don't come down to hang in T-Town. All in all, its pretty sweet.

I am the only chipmusician on the isle of man

EDiT: I am also the best

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SKGB wrote:
an0va wrote:

We're a sleeping giant. wink

nah yer just a bunch of assholes.

just kidding. to be honest I am extremely lucky to live in a city that has an amazing collection of people who genuinely all do very different things, and all do them extremely fucking well.

Ya'll are like, talented and shit  smile

One day we'll be the world's premier chip music hub right now we are deliciously underground.

A few years ago there was a chip show at a local venue, but it didn't take off. As of right now, as far as I can tell, It's just me and my musical partner in crime in sleepy leicester UK.

Je Mappelle wrote:

I am the only chipmusician on the isle of man

EDiT: I am also the best

I once looked at the isle of man. I was in wales. True story.

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Not sure about San Diego, but Olympia WA's chipscene is essentially non-existant. Seattle / Tacoma have a decent one, although mainly based around a handful of artists.

I'm one of the two people in New Brunswick that i know of and i haven't met the other guy.

It's been a lot of fun lately ~~~

Connecticut is terrible. BUT...... It's fantastical being driving distance away from NYC, BOSTON and PHILLY. Other than that, Connecticut is terrible.