Frankenboy still for sale, but I'm open to combination offers now if you have any items on my looking for list.
AB Kits also for sale, upgraded MIDI-SGB up for sale soon.

It looks like it detonates a bomb lol, but this thing looks awesome!

Holy crap, that's the mightiest Gameboy I've ever seen!!!  That Frankenboy's a hell of a work you built.  I wish I had money, I'd go for it.  I hope somebody picks it up from you.  That's definitely worth it.

Did you use 30-gauge wire?

Thanks guys! The client that I originally built this for wanted an all-in-one GB with every mod I could think of crammed into it. I'm not super pleased with the overall aesthetic look, hence the name "FrankenBoy", but it makes up for that with all of the mods.

katsumbhong - I mainly used 28 awg stranded wire, but I also used super thin single strand wire and some 30 awg stranded wire.

AB Kits now lowered to $40
MIDI SGB will be available soon after I receive the Link Port mod kit, should be within a few weeks.
FrankenBoy still open for offers, really need to get it sold!

Looking to buy a backlit GBP w/ internal PS mod

PM'd about GBP!

I've got a red pil with a green backlight (perfect screen, I think it was an asm 4 led backlight?) With a botched Thursday customs hex inverter installed. I lost a .01 uf Ceramic cap and probably shoddy soldering. Easily repairable by someone with your expertise. Would you trade for an arduinoboy kit?

Looking to buy a Korg EMX-1

Bump. Need some stock DMG guts.

Can I make some constructive critisism on the FrankenBoy that might make it look alot better? This is IMO thou, so I don't know :-/ Also would you be interested in DMG mobos with SGB CPU ?

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Sure, I'm open to criticism. What were you thinking? I've been considering swapping the front half of the shell with a new one that doesn't have so many imperfections.

As for the DMGs with the SGB CPU, depending on the price, I may be interested. Send me a pm and we can talk about it.

I'll PM you later today. Well IMO you should redo the top plate. Looks like you cut it out with hand tools. It would really do something if you could get it completely straight. It is a beast of a mod thou big_smile

So the top plate doesn't look too great? Just the outer edges or the whole thing? But yeah I used a dremel to cut the plastic and I don't have a router accessory so it was a bit tough keeping it straight haha. I'll probably invest in one of those soon and redo the top plate. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking I need to completely replace the top half of the dmg shell and heavily rework the back half

The glue dosen't look to good either IMO. Yeah just the edges. Also the 5 green LEDs don't lign up. But now I'm just getting mean smile

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