listen to this poser shit.
i'm not even kidding.
really. not kidding.
this is my serious face.

After you grab SKGB's album click over to the "Merch" section.  Just posted three different shirts, stickers are on order, vinyl and CDs always available.


Those shirts. O fuk.

Sean Monistat is +Let's Disinfect!+ He's also an active musician since 1999 with interests from drum and bass to the trashy horrorpunk found here. Creepy, understated vocals blend with a variety of live and chip instruments to turn your brain into a skeevy, smoky punk club full of dudes that want to punch Glenn Danzig in the face. But in a good way.

LINK: … t-in-space

Bump for the nightstalkers.

I didn't know who I was before this album.

Solarbear wrote:

I didn't know who I was before this album.

glad to have shined some light into your personal enigma.  psychotherapy via dmg.  it's a beautiful thing.

Holland's own R10T33R (aka the prolific Bas Welling) drops a bomb of sample-abusing beats and arps! You wanted more cowbell? YOU GOT MORE COWBELL! wink



"Welcome to Chuggtune.........."

As 100HandSlap, Michael Routledge combines chip elements with heavy metal instrumentation and powerful vocals to produce a signature sound that both lofi-electronic fans and rock aficionados can instantly appreciate but with enough depth to suck you deep into his Chuggtune® world. Crank it up, soak it in, and find yourself hoping that "Year One" is just one of many to come!

Download includes lyrics, alternate cover, and LSDJ-only versions of all 4 tracks.

started to listen this and my mind just blowed up... fuuuuuckiiiing awesome!
the voice is really great!

iano wrote:

started to listen this and my mind just blowed up... fuuuuuckiiiing awesome!
the voice is really great!

indeed.  i try not to gush about any particular release on the label but this has some amazingly high quality stuff going on.  really something special if you're into this specific style.

Pretty cool stuff.

the voice remember me of Peter "Peavy" Wagner of Rage (a german metal band)

LINK: … -the-diary

A special message from Chad:

The album artwork was made by one of the talented artists from the Brunswick Center Adult Services Art Program.
I work with people who have disabilities and I really hate to say that because the people I support everyday are far from limited or disabled and they enhance my life greatly. ALL THE MONEY from any sale of this album will go right to the art program at BCS and the wonderful artist who made this for me. So even if you aren't fond of the music please considering donating anything to help keep these awesome artists well stocked with supplies!

The logo was designed by Eric Gorman

Album was produced by Arnie Holder

Cat# DTR00029

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this release is around the quality I expected to be at