Easy solution, make a sticky in the cc forum. Lock any threads which are posted by people who haven't read said sticky. Alternatively mods post a quick "please read the sticky and edit your threads topic and op accordingly, thanks heart"

In principle, this is a good idea. I try to do this even when I upload music with the CC request on here. I wish people could follow it though.

i appreciate you trying to come up with an answer to the problem as opposed to just being a dick ( you guys know who you are), but i actually enjoy cc threads and feel that trying to set any grounds for posting in them would just get ignored.  are most of these people just looking for attention? probably. but fuck guys is it so hard to remember a time when you were excited about learning these programs and wanted input on your progress.  for every person thats actually giving cc ( which appears to be the same people) theres someone tearing them down for even asking and while i understand why what i dont understand is them taking the time to look like jerks instead of just NOT READING CC THREADS.  if you guys wouldnt click on every cc thread from a new member you wouldnt have anything to worry about. or maybe im the one whos looking at this wrong way. idk.

Don't know what threads you're reading but beyond a little sarcasm no one is saying anything outright mean and is instead offering criticism

one might consider such criticism constructive.

Unless you haven't been here since the apple dragon thread.

Man that was crazy~

i never did get my RCA prosound backlit clogs or whatever it was

I just had another look at the CC forum, I think this thread is still super relevant, give it a read guys!

Also, rule 12

12. Thread titles should describe the topic of the thread. Please avoid titles like "Help!" or "Have you seen this...". Something like "How can I do a beefy bassdrum with Midines?" or "I just saw a chip music reference at the bus stop" is good. Staff reserves the right to edit unclear thread titles to something more descriptive.

in my defence, i simply bumped an old thread of mine :v

Bump with suggestion: if you can't think of a question to go with your cc request, please make its subject "artist - title" just like a release.

What if we had this or something like it as a sticky I mean there are top stickies and lots of people have been on other forums before sticky threads are generally known as the "read before posting threads" so. Just a thought.

I'm just gonna edit the nastiness out of this post here........

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stancoolness wrote:

"constructive critisism"

stancoolness wrote:

being an asshole

these are not mutually exclusive; both can happen at the same time. 

that's what i find really sad about the ignorance of people who categorically dismiss criticism based purely on presentation: just how freaking much you miss out on.

good advice and good idea to make both sticky and a required read.

let there be light

stancoolness wrote:

Constructive critisism on ChipMusic.org? Bullshit, man. I'm calling bullshit, what's considered "constructive critisism" on this site is everyone just being an asshole, you know?

Well I totally agree saskrotch is an asshole but he isnt quite all encompassing enough to be "everyone". Also I think the main thing to take away from his comments about your hub site is

invective invective "large dragonball picture taking up 1/3 of the page will turn people off looking at your site" invective invective.

stancoolness wrote:

Constructive critisism on ChipMusic.org? Bullshit, man. I'm calling bullshit, what's considered "constructive critisism" on this site is everyone just being an asshole, you know?

are you referring to a specific post on the CC forum?

Personally, even if a CC thread was written in gold letters and every third word was an hyperlink to a picture of Kristen Stewart giving a blowjob, I still wouldn't give half a pink polka dot flying monkey fuck about it. If you need other people's opinion on a track, then either your track isn't finished or you aren't confident enough in your own music to just release the damn thing. In both cases, I'm not interested.

Plus.. people never listen to advice anyways.