So, when I was in Mexico recording  "Rat Slicer II". My friend KroyClub was making this album along side me. It's actually, fucking fantastic. I Love it so much. It's one of my favorite Electronic albums of all time. It's so layered. Lots of LSDJ, and Piggy in this album. I sing on a track, on that same track I play LSDJ also. but seriously, chiptune aside, this is just an example of a legitimately amazing album... i really think everyone should pay attention to it... it's free.

oh, also, I did this album cover.

Bumping because this is fucking amazing. Real talk.

oh that's really good ! 

great beats, but so much more besides

thank you for posting this smile




edit: on a related note your rat slicer II link didn't open correctly for me I don't know if anyone else is having problems with it but I was interested in checking that out as well.

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Listened to half of it already, sound great so far!

Try that.

fixed link in first post

oooooooooooooh very nice thanks guys idk why I didn't bother to go looking myself.

This is the definition of dope shit.

So fucking awesome. Bumping.