e.s.c: http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=F … ;cs=FFFF00 wink

mk wrote:

This is just a work in progress.. Can't do much more at work without being suspiscious wink


Will finish it later. Let me know if anything is off on your setup (and please post browser / OS). Tested in Chrome on Win XP (ugh.. japanese IT departments succckkk)

W000t! \o/
You even reconstructed all the text from my screenie big_smile

e.s.c. wrote:

just the basics, but looks nice... wont do a screenshot, just pop it in and see, if you dont already know what those colors would be
    <BACKGROUND value="000000" />
    <FOREGROUND value="FF0000" />
    <HICOLOR1 value="808080" />
    <HICOLOR2 value="FFFF00" />

is this one! big_smile
http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=F … ;cs=FFFF00

Oh I have a feature request!

How about oyu paste the config code and it reads the colours from it? Then it works both ways!

Awesome! FR: Enter values and have it enter them manually.

haha! insta +1

OK, done!

It just splits on the quote marks, so if they're out of order, it might do something funky smile

XC3N wrote:

haha mine is close to vargero

<BACKGROUND value="2A4353"/>
<FOREGROUND value="D5D8DD"/>
<HICOLOR1 value="8AAFCC"/>
<HICOLOR2 value="5CA2BE"/>

Actually I'm using my company colors ... I edit CSS every fucking day with those values.

Such a neat thing!  OP should edit the thread title to mention this!

Here's my "official Datathrash color scheme" one:  http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=F … ;cs=FFFFFF

Any similarity to traditional Halloween color schemes is completely coincidental tongue

http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=0 … ;cs=660033
thats the second one.. thats a neat tool..  this one was using the three main colors from my last album's artwork love that the magenta became 660033 in hex

i call it... 1337
http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=001337&sn=D … ;cs=013370


mk, you are a dream dev

mk - thats boss ! good one man

http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=F … ;cs=FFB200

That's my color scheme, mybe I need a change in it.

Here's the one I currently use: http://poyo.co/lgpt/#bg=000000&sn=F … ;cs=778899