Aaaaaaaaaa this is so soon and I am so excited!

i'm bumping this to say,

check out the KB stuff at RochChip, whoever is lucky enough to be there in person big_smile  got it sent off this afternoon!

not sure how they are handling it, but things have been sent...

and really have a good time everyone!!!  really bummed it didn't work out to make it up there for this hmm

see you cats soooooo000oo0o0o00on. time to get funky, y'all!

my god, i am so nervous.

my god, i am so psyched.

this has been fucking great thus far!

i am so excited to finally get a real night of sleep.

Also this show was unreal, thank you so much Nick and the Rochester Chip crew and WITR and everyone else who was involved in making this happen. It was super cool meeting everyone and hanging with Nick, BC, and the rest of Revengineers crew (your hospitality is VERY much appreciated), as well as Shrimps, Chip's Challenge , Faking Amnesia and VJ PLZ.  Of course the same goes for Danimal, Noisewaves, and the NYC crew. You are all amazing.

Rochester does NOT fuck around when it comes to putting on shows and I seriously can't wait to go back some time soon smile  Rochester Chip Fest 2013 plz?

heart so great all the artists killed it!