I'm interested!

+1, Interested

I'm interested!

+1 Interest

+1 here,

located in the uk i been looking for a fully built midi device for my gameboy.


Sorry for not responding! We've been working on a one-knob sequencer in the meanwhile, this will be done, for sure. Also i'm working on midi control for more than one gameboy, in the same unit smile


Arduinoboy with dual gameboy connectors? Yes Please!!



i'd say i'm interested but i couldn't afford one anywho. either way, gets my vote.


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I'd definitely be interested in a two channel midi connection. That's bad ass!

Bump in hopes this will come to life.

i'm very interested. i'm in the process of building my first arduinoboy.
i was thinking about the control of 2 gameboys.
Could you potentially just make the midi out or thru port a gameboy link cable?
Similar to the cable wired into the arduinoboy for the first gameboy.

Quite interested.

I just need something I can plug into Renoise. Take my money!