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I literally only use these VSTs...


don't be knocking pliant's VSTs! they've been around forever (like 12+ years) and are a lot of fun! the step-sequencer fx modules can be a total blast when playing live. (edit: i understand how absolutely ridiculous it is to be using peach as your "chip VSTi" in 2013, though)

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I think Disasterpeace used to produce his songs in Reason. TBH, I haven't kept up very closely with his music lately, but the songs of his I've downloaded are still some of my favorites and perfectly balanced the classic elements of chipmusic with the flexibility a DAW offers. Not so much trying to trick Reason into sounding like a classic video game system as they were just freely picking stylistic hints from the genre and putting them in novel context.

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I think Disasterpeace used to produce his songs in Reason.

I'm pretty sure this is correct.  I saw an interview where he said he started in Ableton then moved over to Reason at some point.

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This past semester I had a class that introduced Reason and I, and we pretty much hit it off. I have not done any sequencing or recording with it, but when I rewire into Pro Tools, it's pretty magical. What are you guys doing with Reason? If not Reason, what sequencing DAW are you using?

As for me, I did a quick little experimentation track found here … -synthesis

I also did an original sound design for the fifth Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus. That one is not currently online for display

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I'm starting to do a lot of chip stuff in FL Studio - resampling and sample manipulation are the fuckin' BOMB once you learn how to do it right.

I also use a lot of raw chip-sampled waveforms in my music. Like the bassline in this tune, which was originally a simple square wave and a wav-channel growl, resampled in Kontakt and run through a buttload of effects.

I'm getting kinda tired with working solely in LSDj or anything else - I'm a mad sample junkie, and prepping sampels to flash to a cart is too much effort for me :V (That said, once I get this Amiga shipped here I'll be right back on the chip wagon). Plus, the workflow used to be nice, but I'm kinda getting tired of trackers right now. Not even Renosie is doing it for me. I like the flexibility of a DAW, butstill love the sounds of chipmusic.

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Reason is a great set of tools when used in Rewire mode for those who don't mind running two separate software together

Reason is absolutely brilliant in what its synth units offer. The workflow is really fun for someone like me - wires and knobs out the fuckin' whazoo, and the amount of control you have over everything is really quite staggering.
That said, the sequencer is god-awful in my eyes, and by the time I make some really tasty synths I've got this crammed-up workspace. Rewiring it into FL Studio is an absolute dream come true.

I've never tried out doing any fancy fakebit things in there, but I might give that a go this arvo!


to limit your workspace from getting outta hand, try putting all instruments in a combinator and close it when not used. I believe you can select multiple rack extensions and right click combine.
I really like thor synthesizer by the way. managed to get some great sounds out of it.

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