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baghdad zombie walk (1bit) / Music / irrlichtproject's music / baghdad zombie walk (1bit)

baghdad zombie walk (1bit)

By irrlichtproject on Jan 13, 2011 3:44 am

w00t? 12 days into the new year and still no new 1bit tracks? i don't believe it!!!

anyway this one was made with Shiru's Music Synth TE, an excellent editor based on the obscure Music Synth 48k, an interesting but almost unusable piece of software which refuses to produce any notes that are actually in tune. ah yes and the drums are always too loud.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

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ah cool, i have to try that silent long envelope trick! tried a couple of different techniques on this track, for the most part i actually forced the detuning so it was roughly 1 halftone; and then balanced it out by simple transposition.

Hello. As you maybe noticed, there is a way to "trick" the Music-Synth. What I mean is: you have to 'keep him busy' constantly. wink All tone-channels must be occupied in equal degree. Then it will not make false sounds.
It's beause it speeds up when it's less busy and slows-down when all the channels are occupied.
Of course it still has problems with tunning, even with my methode used, but it can be _a bit_ avoided with manual tunning (info from Shiru). Try to fill all the gaps and change all your short instruments into long ones (should be enough to make very silent ending in every instrument).
Sadly it's not possible to make totally correct tunning on MS. sad

hehe thanx guys wink

keep up the nice work!

Crazy 1-bit tour de force! The detuning gives it an old upright piano feel at times.

These tracks are always awesome.  I love it!

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