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By killedatschool on Feb 26, 2015 4:33 pm

1xLSDJ. First recorded track. CC welcome. Lemme know what you all think.

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Very good. I like that you aren't using any wacky wave tables that are becoming all too common. it's fresh and nice. i will definitely check out any album you put out. you've avoided the cliches and screechy sounds that I'm getting really tired of from lsdj songs lately.

I love this song please make it longer. heart

If you're aware that wearing out your welcome is even a possibility, chances are good you won't wear out your welcome. The song's good and pretty concise at present; I think you can make it a bit longer without any risk.

I'd say if you're worried about it being too long you could shorten the groove without solo and then add more to the solo. You currently have the groove going for 24 measures and then bring in the solo for 8, but it'll give you more time to solo if you just go 16 bars groove and 16 bars solo.

Looking forward to an album smile

Thanks for the feedback guys. Sure means a lot.

I have thought about playing out the ending a little more but I don't want to wear out my welcome. If i do add more to the outro it will probably only be for one more measure.

As far as drums. I am not a drummer. Not to mention I'm sharing the wave channel to get my kicks so i run out of places to put more interesting beats. I have gone back and re tweaked the hats a bit so that should help get rid of the robot drums.

When is the release? Dunno. I am tracking 7 songs total and two of them are really early in my lsdj learning curve and don't really meet the same quality of some of the newer songs but they're still great so we will see. Soon Monotron. Soon.

YISSS, been waiting for some new stuff from you. EP when?

i feel like i have always known this song in some old video game. this is one of my favorites. oh nostalgia...

I dig this. Good sense of melody and some cool rhythmic stuff going on at the beginning especially. Transitions are really good throughout, except for the one at 0:57 which seems jarring because of the time signature change. I agree with 199X's suggestion - the ending feels abrupt, like there are still places it could go, especially with that strong melody at the end. Assuming you're not completely sick of it, you should explore it a bit further.

A couple comments on the drums: the snare sound is kinda weak and could be improved. Also, I think that the drum part is hurt by the fact that the hi-hat is playing in complete lock-step with the kick, even when the kick does rapid rolls, which isn't very organic-sounding.

Dude. This song is awesome. 2:00 and on are soooooo good @ ^ @ Especially when that lead comes in. My only suggestion (more of a request) is to make that last bit longer! I was getting goosebumps at that part. If you could fit a harmony in there with that lead it'd be perfect. Keep it up!

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