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By kineticturtle on Aug 6, 2011 10:18 am

Short, vaguely Mega Man-ish idea as a result of fiddling with LSDJ MIDIOUT all day, triggering my SP-303.

Pattern is played thrice - first one is perfect. Second one suffers from errant sample playback near the end, which becomes pretty humorous getting into the third iteration (sproioioioing).

So it works for the most part, but the longer it runs, the more it triggers unwanted samples. Seems to occur when other commands are being performed. Happens more as the game boy gets busier, which would suggest an issue with the delay, but I've got it turned up to 120 with a multiplier of 4, and nothing should be acting up at that point. There's a lot of notes going on, but not a lot of commands, and only one table. I also tried it on a pocket with similar results.

I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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