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By liquidcalm on Apr 10, 2010 11:22 pm

Its like saturn, only said like a child, get it? no? anywaaay, another live jimmy jam. No guitars this time but a healthy slice of Nanoloop 2.3 with a dash of MPC drum samples and a few loops bashed out. peace y'all, enjoy

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Member has requested constructive criticism

thank you! smile

I agree with everything carlschultz said except the drums. The lightness of the drums work well in this track. It's great smile

aye I agree, as much as I like the MPC, without mixing it right It can over power things easily, plus I'm no way near proficient in using the thing anyway, takes about 5 mins of poking to load my damn sequences..
Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!

i like the melody and the spacey vibe big_smile for me the samples of the drums didn't work so well, they seem a bit light and brittle and pretend? nice track big_smile

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