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Commiseration (Vectrex AY-3-8912) / Music / little-scale's music / Commiseration (Vectrex AY-3-8912)

Commiseration (Vectrex AY-3-8912)

By little-scale on Mar 4, 2010 3:40 am

A slow, brooding track made with the Vectrex. Recorded by putting a microphone in front of the Vectrex speaker (there is no line / headphone output on the Vectrex). I love the way that the speaker rattles and changes the sound. This is track my track #65 for the Lazerscale project (, which is a 365-tracks-in-365-days sort of thing.

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Also good, liked the noise in the background. Very relaxed. Im about to comment whore your whole library right now because so far, its been quite a nice wake-up call.

little-scale, your music is incredible.

@ Freezedream: well, i don't really want to mod my Vectrex consoles...

A moving piece. I love the simplicity of it. The speaker and its enclosure add a nice distortion/resonance character to the sound. Great idea to mic it up instead of adding line out.

Nice song!  It would be interesting to hear this compared with an added line out.  Cool effect with the speaker.

beautiful stuff

more electroacoustic ambient choonage please

I love the sound of this! I think the speaker trick is what makes it really sound so great! Amazing work!

hahaha thanks lazerbeat tongue glad you like it

You are my hero!

Thanks e.s.c! big_smile

very nice smile hauntingly beautiful

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