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The Genesis Machine

By m00dawg on Oct 29, 2011 2:18 pm

We just released this song that is perhaps my new favorite off our upcoming album and wanted to share it with the Chipmusic community. Though it is not 100% chiptune, it is the fusion of surf and chiptunes into a new genre we have simply coined chipsurf.

It is perhaps the best mixing/mastering I have ever done and I'm hugely proud of it in that respects, as well as with the song itself. I don't think you all will be disappointed! The low quality version is available here, but we do have a high quality version off our Bandcamp page ( if you feel so compelled to support us that way. Once we finish the album, we hope to get it a limited run of vinyl done as well (the idea of chip-synths on vinyl is one I find hauntingly intriguing).

Anyways I'm rambling. The song should speak for itself smile

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