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Ocean Melody

By marcb0t on Apr 15, 2016 3:18 am

Here is an original track I released on Battle of the Bits and Soundcloud a couple of years ago. Just a nice pleasant Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) track that I took too long to make.

You are walking on a mysterious beach in a dream. A young blue haired girl approaches you. She extends her hand and says, "My name is Melodina, take my hand, sing with me..."

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i love this. lots of really cool sounds and a very diverse and complex piece of music. heart

Lovely! How'd you make that beautiful steel drum sound? And the electric piano sound is pretty nice, too.

I remember this track. And I have it!

This is really well done, I love how smoothly each part transitions. super chill, dreamy and easy to relax to smile

Oh, right, the speech at the intro was created using the CSM mode of the Sega Genesis chip. Pre-recorded from Aly James's program, FM Drive.

The Sega Genesis could actually produce that sound from the chip with the channel 3 CSM mode. But I had to insert a recording into the DAC. It works for now.

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