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The Night Before Christmas / Music / matt.nida's music / The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

By matt.nida on Dec 25, 2010 4:05 am

Quick festive jam with Piggy Tracker on the PSP... Some Christmassy stuff (sleigh bells, strings) mixed with some not so Christmassy stuff (Chicago bass, acid squiggles).

2010 was an awesome and inspiring year for me musically - I put out releases on Hexawe and Metrodub, I played my first ever live gig with Natty, Gwem, Touchboy, Sabrepulse and Comptroller, and met some awesome chipmusic types both over here and during my trip to New York. Got some exciting ideas and collabs planned for 2010 - can't wait for you to hear!

Merry Christmas!

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Love it, man! Great sounds/samples/mix, and I like all of the subtle changes and background pads. Is there reverb on some of the samples, or is that programed? I'd be super interested in seeing the lgpt file! tongue Keep up the great work, man! :}

Smooth transition from the intro to the main beat. Not overly done, simple yet sophisticated. Wonderful.

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