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Flynn's Nightmare / Music / mop1001's music / Flynn's Nightmare

Flynn's Nightmare

By mop1001 on Mar 24, 2012 6:26 am

lsdj track i did awhile ago. dirty dance tune.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Thank you for your criticism. I haven't put out much and most people I show aren't other chip artists so this is very helpful. With the leads, I get stoked on how they sound so I stick with them and then get stuck on where to go next. I feel like I should sit on my tracks a bit more before I think im finished with them. I will consider this a demo then haha.

Very cool glitchy track but for a dance track you definitely need a louder and punchier kick drum. I can just barely hear your noise kick. I really dig that bass line though. Your leads could use some variation and a little more development, they just don't stand out very well.  The end of your song 2:25-3:00 has a great build up but it just fizzles out, go back into your chorus with a new lead and that build up will really pay off.

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