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GrainBrain mk2

By nitro2k01 on Mar 10, 2010 3:54 am

I brushed this old 30day track up a little. Made with LSDj using channel 3 and kits only. By using commands and tables creatively I got granular resynthesis.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

yes I think a tut is in order smile

i'd be down for a tutorial on granular synthesis in LSDJ.

/big fan of nitro2k01

Usually in granular synthesis you must use a source material of some sort. In this case the source material is mostly sampled breakbeats and single drum hits. (And a few kung fu samples big_smile ) What makes it granular is the use of the R and F command to retrig or progress the sample at the internal processing rate that LSDj is using. And also the P command to change the pitch of the individual grains. (Well actually technically the pitch of the wave frames, which a smaller entity than "grains" in this case) There's no randomness or noise involved.

Hmmm, I should write a little tutorial about this...

on a side note, I made a granular-esque synthesiser for my final thesis at university using a load of random numbers. is that what's going on here....? (But then how does one make a random number generator in LSDJ......?) The mind boggles.

"By using commands and tables creatively I got granular resynthesis." intriguing.

The track is badass btw

Nice, I'll give this a try soon.
I wonder how it will sound on an underclocked DMG smile

This is fucking badass.  Thanks for restoring my faith/interest in kits on the WAV channel!

love the sounds you've gotten with this.

Jawesome, I loved the breaks around :53. I hear some rex42 kits and the amen. What else are you using?

this is really awesome nitro. how are you doing this on lsdj?

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