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By null1024 on Nov 22, 2010 9:31 am

Did this for a compo, blah.
Actually just testing whether FlashNSF even plays it big_smile

Woot, it does, and it's clear and crisp too!

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SuperNSF is pretty much a driver that lets you have up to 4 channels of PCM sampled audio, mixed entirely in software on the NES. More channels, no expansion needed! But it's not usable in a game [too much processor time needed, there's no buffer, so you have to constantly write audio data from what I've heard].
Think of it like a MOD playing on an NES at the same time as the regular chip channels [but without the 3 octave limit, and support for most IT effects].
It starts to sound crappy if you use more than 2 channels though [it lowers the samplerate based on how many channels you use for the NES's sake, and 4 channels is cool, but terribly grainy].
I'll pm you a copy.

Really great, creates an awesome atmosphere. I must confess however, I have no idea what a superNSF is.

Damnit, you're still awake?! big_smile

Also, yes. SuperNSF! But it's not cheating ;_;

supernsf cheatsssssssssssssssss ;D  heart

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