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Destinykomi (Destiny's Child + Minikomi)

By ovenrake on Jun 17, 2010 2:44 pm

sometimes you get pretty bored in ableton

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u crazy.

and i only took half the royalties that beyonce wanted!

true story: i was invited to partay with beyonce and crew at the hotel by her stylist who i met in shibuya as teenage girls thronged to get to their idol shopping in shibuya... when i got to the hotel he was by himself and suggested we had a quiet drink up in his room ermmmmm....

take from that what you will! ha!

this realllly fucking made my day.

Beyonce's amount of soul can shake any foundation, so it could seem a little out of time.

lol. I especially like how the vocals are tuned down...I  don't hear anything out of time myself.

Hahaha, awesome!

at start quite intresting and sweet , but thin it gets kinda OFFBEAT ;/

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